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Shorecrest Treatment offers enhanced affordable treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction in a premier residential facility. We provide a comprehensive and individualized treatment program addressing the unique needs and requirements of our residents. We give the finest accommodations to ensure a peaceful and comfortable environment necessary for successfully introducing our clients to recovery. When it comes to residential treatment centers close to the beach - Shorecrest Treatment is number one. We are a pet friendly treatment center and your pet is by your side 24/7. What more could you ask for, getting the help you need with your companion right there with you. Shorecrest Treatment is a State licensed Treatment Center with a great experienced staff. From your 1st stage detox that's if you need one up to the end of your treatment, you will be treated fairly and with dignity you will be given the proper recovery tools needed to take home to start a better life. So give one of our counselors a call to explore your options.

Shorecrest Treatment Center understands that every individual has different needs. To cope with the versatility of those undergoing treatment with us, we offer a variety of treatment plans.

Treatment can be broken down into different phases. Upon admission, a member of our staff will conduct an assessment to determine the type of treatment that will be most appropriate to the client. We give options to start treatment at a certain part of a phase the client's condition only requires that level of care. However, for a smoother recovery process, we recommend starting at phase I through phase III of the treatment.

With a 30-Day interval, here are the phases of treatment we offer:

1st Phase - Primary Care Treatment - 30 days

This program is designed to take place in a 90-Day time frame, however, a client is allowed to take the first 30 days of primary, intensive care treatment. With this, a client can only receive the treatment as designed for the first part of the three-phase treatment system that we offer. The client meets with a therapist weekly and a psychiatrist if necessary. Based on the client's progress through recovery, he/she can stay in Phase I as long as necessary.

In the 30-Day program, our goal is to build a stable foundation for a full recovery for those who are suffering from alcohol and substance addictions. The 12-Step program is part of this phase to enable the client to trace the source of his or her addiction. This enables the recovering addict to understand the resulting habit in reference to his or her past.

After the first phase, the client has the option to proceed to the extended care program. 2nd and 3rd Phases - Extended Care - 90 Days

For clients who need more treatment than what is provided in the first phase, the 2nd and 3rd phase is available. This is covered in a 90-day span where the individuals will be given ample time to address their addictions and ready themselves for a future of continuous recovery.

If a client has previously completed the 1st phase of the treatment at a different rehabilitation facility, our staff will be able to accommodate them in where they will begin the 2nd phase at Orange County Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center. This part of the treatment program is encouraged for those who have been through several other treatment facilities and will want to continue their treatment with us.

The client will be completing a series of specifically planned clinical activities during phases of his or her treatment. Each of the phases will provide a response to recovery issues experienced by the client. This phase also covers medication management and other mental health issues through counseling, group therapy and individual therapy sessions.

At all points in the therapy phases, our staff will be there to provide constant encouragement. Positive support, an outlet

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If you or someone you care about is suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism, Medical Detox Orange County is the right place. We offer affordable drug addiction treatment. It is possible to recover!
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